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My third rMBP.... Now with LG display!


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Jul 12, 2012
Hi guys,

I have been so unlucky.
My first rMBP was faulty (it made clicking sounds on the right side).

The next one I got was also faulty. The left side, just under the screen, was damaged.

Now I got my third. The display on the past 2 rMBP was Samsung and was really great. So the display I got now is LG (I just checked). To be honest I am tired of returning and restoring my system from Time Machine. This time I would like to check every-**********-thing to be sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with this one.

Can someone guide/help me to run image-burn test and ghosting test? Or any other LG-error test?

I am going to use the retina display for graphic design when Adobe someday will bless us with retina patch. So it is important to me that the display is absolutely as great as it should be. For now I use 27" External display.

This one scores 11k in Geekbench and is a bit more quite than the past 2.


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Jan 1, 2012
does it mater what display it is? does it look the same as your last 2?
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