My thoughts/insight as a long time Plus user going to an iPhone X.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jacoblee23, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Where do I begin? I upgraded to the 8 plus on launch day and was pleased with it. However, I quickly got bored. I have iPads, MacBooks, you name it. This is an Apple house. I was worried about giving up my home button and worried about the new technology, Face ID and how well it would work. I ultimately decided to pre-order the X with my wife's pre-rder so I pre-ordered right when they went on pre-order at 2am central.

    Fast forward to today. I have small hands. I find that my Plus fumbles around in my hands anytime I try to do anything one-handed. I opened up my X today and I thought "Wow, this is a small phone" and immediately started to worry yet again. Then I started to use the device. You mean Face ID wasn't cumbersome and slow like I had worried? It was basically instantaneous? YES! The more I used it the more impressed I was that this was a first-gen device. Then as time went on I started to reach for my home button less and less. I couldn't believe how much easier this phone was to hold as well as text on and yet still getting some nice screen estate in the process without having to sacrifice battery life or an inferior camera like the 6/7 non plus models.

    The only thing I am not crazy about yet is closing apps and losing some screen width. All of that to say, you never know for sure how you are going to feel about something until it is in YOUR hands, until you are using it yourself. You can read all of the rumors, speculation, reviews etc, but until you try it out for yourself how you think you will feel about it, is just speculation. I never had any glaring issues with my OG Apple Watch or 6 plus, so I don't know why I ever doubted apple in the first place. The future is here. And I am glad to be a part of it and happy that I decided to take the leap into the unknown.
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    Can you answer a simple question re: Face ID? If the phone is locked and stationary, will it unlock if you look at it without moving the phone? Or do you have to raise it and look at it to unlock?
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    Sep 1, 2016
    I am coming off the 7 PLUS and I have similar thoughts. The phone is extremely polished and premium to be sure. I do miss landscape texting on the PLUS as the typing and view was better. The screen though is definitely improved, though smaller in some ways that may irk plus users. The device feels futuristic and I do like it a lot. Right now I have an issue with no live wallpapers working. I can get it to move on the lock screen if I touch and hold the screen but nothing comes auto. I am on hold with apple now trying to figure out why. I don't have low power or reduced motion on FYI.

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    If it’s sitting on the table you can tap the screen and it will unlock. I find that I need to lean forward a little, presumably because my face isn’t in the frame, but you don’t need to raise the phone.

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