My thoughts of Apple Maps Compared to Motion X GPS

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by abs9986, Sep 25, 2012.

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    My true first experience was coming from Android where I was spoiled with Google Maps, so that was always the disappointing aspect of IOS was lack of turn by turn navigation.

    After reading several reviews, I decided to use Motion X GPS to replace the standard maps option (for turn by turn) and still used maps for walking and public transportation options.

    Motion X GPS was ok - but the User interface was horrible in my opinion. Way too busy, low res, ugly maps and it take several clicks to enter the information you wanted. The actual GPS tracking was very slow (not smooth) and re-routing literally took 10 plus seconds. The included google maps software was much better for tracking location and was very smooth (but obviously lacked turn by turn)

    Now arrive apple maps in IOS6. I know there is a lot of criticism. I will preface that I live in the DC/Baltimore area. The maps app has worked flawlessly for me. Every address in the Baltimore area is found quickly. The user interface is just what I wanted. Very clean and clear. I like the color choices and how clear the roads look while driving as well as the big sign on top showing the next turn and how many miles ahead. Tap the screen once and you get an ETA. Traffic information is also executed well in that I only see the problem areas. The resolution of the maps is obviously made for the iPhone as opposed to Motion X which I think looked jagged and blocky. I love the integration with Siri - I can just say take me home or navigate me to my parents house (I know you can also do this on Android). Also, re-routing is flawless - it literally takes a couple of seconds and re-reourts effortlessly. Motion X would take forever to re-repute - it often thought I was still on the old path even though I was not. The gps accuracy is so much better with the native app.

    Overall - for basic turn by turn I am extremely happy with the new maps application. I don't really use the POI data much as I usually have a speicific address in mind. And at least in my area, there are no issues with data integrity. The app honestly reminds me of google maps on my old android except a little better for the user interface. And again, miles beyond Motion X GPS (can you sense my frustration with having to use that app for 1 year on my Iphone4s).

    I understand that for certain places (especially outside the US), the map data is lacking. POI data is lacking and public transport data is lacking. I expect these issues to gradually to be addressed. But maps does 90% of what I need, in an attractive, easy to use application. Don't really care about the all the 3d mapping as that seems like a gimmick. hopefully there will be some sort of street view.
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