My thoughts on Apple Watch 2 vs Direct Competition

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Cyberguycpt, Oct 22, 2016.

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    Sep 28, 2014
    So I thought while my Watch is getting repaired/replaced I would give my initial thoughts on it compared to my Samsung Gear S2 Classic. I already Made another thread explaining a defect my Series 2 Space Gray 42 mm Sport Watch has where their seems to be air pockets under the glass but that's not stopping from still loving this Watch. This thread was made to first help people like myself that are coming over to the Apple eco after they were abandoned by their Note 7s but also for anyone that is on the fence about purchasing.

    Things I love compared to Gear S2.
    1. Apps, Apps Apps. With Samsung Tizen OS apps are very limited.

    2. Accessories. Apple products are known for the amount of well priced aftermarket accessories and the Watch doesn't disappoint. Although Apple ones can get pricey.

    3. Battery Life. OMG. This Battery is a Beast. I usually take it off the charger around 5:00 am and by 2:30 pm I'm only at about 80%. Wowsers.

    4. That Taptic Engine. Man the vibration is great. I especially like when I'm using the Watch to navigate and the Watch will ding like a turning signal and tap my wrist a few times.

    Things the Gear S2 did better

    1. Navigation. The Gear S2 was just easier to navigate. I find myself forgetting how to jump to the page with all my apps and back. Plus having the Watch bevel rotate was so satisfying. But I do like the Dock Apple has.

    2. Compatibility. Although it's not compatible with the IPhone yet. It soon will be supposedly. It is compatible with most Android phones. But apparently not my $49 Amazon Blu phone. Lol.

    3. Watch dock. With Watch dock it lays on its side for easy clock viewing.

    4. Cellular Connectivity. My Watch was the classic version that had 3G. I know most will say it isn't needed when the phone is always close by. But this is a great feature. Imagine being able to go to the gym and actually leave your phone at home or in you car and still get calls, text and other notifications without being connected to wifi.

    Wishes for Apple Watch 3

    1. 3G for obvious reasons above.

    2. A circular option.

    3. Apple Pay with MST. I actually wish the IPhone had this too. What this does is let's the phone or watch use Apple Pay with any terminal with a magnetic swiper. So you could use Apple Pay virtually anywhere. Apparently the new Gear s3 will have this.

    4. Maybe a 46 mm screen. I like Big things. Lol.

    5. the Facebook App. This is my most used app and I would at least like to be able to reply to a comment.
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    Jul 12, 2016
    I too would like to see a larger variant and round version for the Apple Watch 3. I actually passed on Apple Watch 2, being the GPS and added water resistance was not enough for me to upgrade from Gen 1 Stainless.
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    I guess I forgot to mention those two things because like you they really don't matter to me. Gps is cool but I do all my running on a treadmill primarily. And waterproofing is nice but I still find myself keeping it away from water. Lol. Just like I do my iPhone. I got mine pretty much because I loved having a Watch with my Samsung phones the edge 7 and Note 7 but the Gear isn't compatible. A circular Watch would be cool. Hey Apple you can call it the Apple Watch "Round" or the Apple Round. Apple you can use those names take them you can have them. Lol. And Thank you. Just send me some free watches. Oh and that Milanese Watch band. Lmao. $199 my arse.
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    Jul 17, 2008
    If you are on a watch face, pressing the crown toggles between face and apps screen.

    If you are in an app, pressing the crown takes you back to where you came from. This is where it gets confusing. If you entered the app from the app screen, pressing the crown takes you back to the app screen. But if you entered the app from a complication or the dock, pressing the crown takes you to the watch face, and you have to press one more time to go to the app screen.
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    But I can also admit that part of my confusion is because the Gear S2 navigation was so different. One issue I always have is that on the Gear you could navigate through the popular apps by swiping. But on the AW2 that's used for changing faces. So I keep changing my faces. Lol. Apple should steal that from Samsung. They should let you press and hold to change your Watch face and have the Dock right on the main pages easily accessible by swiping left or right.
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    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    They did use press and hold to change faces in Watch OS 1 and 2. Actually, that still works in wOS 3, though there isn't much reason to use it now.

    I actually wish it was easier to swipe between watch faces, because most of the info I want to see can be shown in complications. So if you could switch faces with half a swipe instead of having to go edge to edge, I'd just set up like a dozen watch faces and swipe between them as needed.
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    Sep 28, 2014
    Yeah I only had my Watch for 3 days before I had to send it in for repair because of a defective screen. Lol. So I still have more to learn.

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