my thoughts on ios 7 beta 4 on ipad 3

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by dimdom, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. dimdom macrumors member

    Sep 29, 2007
    Hi everyone! I am loving ios 7 so far! I am currently running it on my ipad 3.

    There are quite a few bugs to be taken care of till it reaches consumers of course.

    The bugs and a few design inconsistencies/annoyances I noticed so far are:

    1. Control center can accidentally open really easily on lock screen (while swiping up the camera icon) and in safari while scrolling. I think they should remove the camera icon from the lock screen. It's in control center already. Or move it a bit up or make it tappable only.

    2. Bookmarks pop up is messed up in safari. Bookmarks appear on top of the icons.

    3. Highlight color when selecting menu items is grey all over ios. Sometimes it's blue. I Prefer blue to be everywhere.

    4. Swipe to delete messages, emails are square, slide to turn off ipad also square but beta 4 introduced rounded call buttons. I think they should keep one style or the other. Not both. Destroys the unified look. I prefer the square look myself. It's fresh.

    5. Music app album view sucks! It's like a list view on ipad as it is on the iPhone. It should be a grid of album covers like in ios 6 if you asked me.

    6. Music app shuffle/repeat should be icons like they where before. It takes extra steps to repeat a song now with the popup menu.

    7. Popup menu items should use a smaller font. It's huge now. I hope they make it slightly smaller it doesn't need to be that big in size.

    8. Slide to unlock should be only activated like in ios 6. Now when you have music controls on the lock screen and try to lower the volume or advance a track you easily can unlock the phone. Annoying.

    9. In Photo booth when taking a photo the preview doesn't appear in the drawer. iTunes Store music icon is problematic. It has a blur/halo and changes to one note when clicked. The rest are flat and blue like everywhere when selected.

    11. When searching in music app the results are messed up and appear on top of the controls.

    12. In the video app when playing a video the volume up/down icons are missing. There is only a slider. Are they like that on the iPhone too? They should be like control center.

    13. Gestures on the ipad mess up the animations. They need fixing.

    14. Big lag when trying to change a wallpaper.

    15. App crushes and small lags and graphic glitches here and there. I know it's a beta.

    Does anyone else have the same bugs/annoyances as I do?

    Let me know.

  2. iapplelove macrumors 601


    Nov 22, 2011
    East Coast USA
    Wallpapers all together have been buggy. I find that the one of the most frequent out of beta 4 on iPad.

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