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Discussion in 'iPad' started by TSE, Jan 27, 2010.

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    So right now, many people are underwhelmed.

    My thoughts on the iPad:

    I think right now, they have a right to be. It isn't going to replace notebooks, even netbooks anytime soon as netbooks can be had for 250 bucks and you can do a lot more with them. The iPad also isn't exactly going to replace GPSs or gaming systems. But aren't we all missing the point?

    Apple is taking this one step at a time. The first generation iPad is going to be a "Let's start this off and see where it goes" kind of thing, like how the iPod Touch wasn't exactly a gaming machine until people that bought it made it that.

    The iPad, however, can do more than an iPod Touch and iPhone. People that say "It's just an oversized iPod Touch are right in some areas, but completely wrong in others. The iPad has the potential to do a lot more than the iPod Touch speedwise and with it's bigger screen.

    Will it replace netbooks? Perhaps. It seems like it might be able to take some marketshare away from that market, from people buying it JUST for web browsing and listening to music.

    Will it replace portable gaming machines? Most likely not, as it is pricier compared to the DS and PSP, and not as portable. However, with 3G the iPad does have potential to have a great online gaming platform.

    Will it replace laptops in professionals? Not anytime soon. The iPad's iWork does look promising, but for serious work a keyboard and screen work best, something the iPad can get, but not in the most economical way.

    Will it replace a little bit of each of those markets and create a new one? Probably. The iPad is, the way I see it, the hybrid of electronics. It does a little of everything, but excels at nothing.

    There are obvious drawbacks. No multitasking is probably the biggest. What if I want to listen to some music while browsing the web? What if I am playing an iPad specific online game and I want to research something about the game at the same time?

    Apple will most likely address these issues with the next major iPhone software update. Hopefully.

    Buy it if you want.
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    This would be your weakest point. The iPT can do this, NP, so I would imagine the iPad will be able to as well.
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    I think he's Refering to using Pandora radio etc.

    But I agree with you on the Op's idea

    Everyone Bashed the iPhone 1st gen for not having Cut,Copy,paste MMS No 3G, etc. but now look at the iPhone today everyone loves it. just give it a revision or 2 and this will be everyone's favorite toy.
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    The iPhone was a first, a revolution , a brand new product and way of thinking about products, so Apple was allowed to grow into it.

    The iPod Touch XL is not a revolution, but an evolution. Especially if Apple claims that there are 75M people who know how to use it. Even though this is a first gen product, it isn't, its 3rd or 4th gen. Apple isn't allowed to grow into this, they needed to be on the ball and ready to go. The iPad isn't.

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