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    According to Microsoft's roadmap for Windows, Windows 8 is not slated to arrive until 2012. This is a good thing - thanks to all the changes Microsoft's planning, they'll need at least that long to implement them. I have received a big old leak from a source deep within MS HQ, regarding what's coming in Windows 8, and also what's not coming.

    Here are some of the (proposed) highlights of Windows 8 (note, most of these things aren't yet implemented, even in the developer builds used at Microsoft):
    • No more drive letters. Remember how Windows 7 gives the option to hide drive letters? Windows 8 does away with them altogether.
    • Because of the first change, the feature of Windows 7 known as "Windows XP mode" got a drastic overhaul. It's now called "Windows on Windows 8" (or WoW8 for short), and provides both a Windows 7 and a Windows XP environment for older applications.
    • Here's the kicker about WoW8: Microsoft acquired a company that provides seamless integration between Microsoft's virtual machine software and the host environment. Microsoft's gone ahead and put this into the low levels of the OS.
    • Windows 8 will also be the first Windows version to be 64-bit only, due to its RAM requirements (as of right now, 4GB for all editions).
    • I've also heard rumors of a Registry overhaul, but I don't have any more details...

    What's NOT coming in Windows 8:
    • File Label support, a la Mac OS X
    • Virtual Desktops, a la Ubuntu Linux (despite Microsoft's claims, they're STILL having trouble getting this working properly)
    • I'm sure there are more things rumored that aren't coming, I just can't remember what they are...
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    I'll believe it's a feature when it hits beta.

    I'm still waiting for the drastic overhaul of the file system announced for Cairo back in the early '90s.

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    Partly true, Windows 2008 R2 (the server version of W7) is already 64bit only. Also there is possibility of 128bit support in W8.

    As for the rest no great shakes really although I would be surprised if drive letters were dropped completely as that would cause every single application currently in existence to need a re-write. This could obviously be supported by the virtualisation platform that you mentioned it seems to be a pointless move.

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