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    Sep 26, 2010
    Hey guys, I decided to make this thread for the people who wants to know what you can do with your iPad, for them who want an iPad, for them who have an iPad.

    For them The Productive

    Kryptos Description: Amazing notebook, my favorite app by far!

    Kryptos Description: Read the Wall Street Journal for free! Just make a free account or a paid account and read the SWJ everyday!

    Sketchbook Pro
    Kryptos Description: Perfect for painting, I recommend using the Pogo Sketch/Stylus, about 50 brushes, all the colors you can think about at not such a high price!

    Docs To Go
    Kryptos Description:perfect app for bussiness men, make/save work documents, excel documents and much more!

    Adobe Ideas
    Kryptos Description: Perfect for when you're on a plane, let your imagination flow with Adobe Ideas! Adobe Ideas, it's like Paint but 10x better. It's free, try it out!

    Kryptos Description: Perfect app if you're a business man, you'll love this app, add a company to your stocks and get an eye on them!

    ABC Player
    Kryptos Description: Love ABC?!? Watch ABC Shows! Cougar town, etc.

    Kryptos Description: Thousands of recipes for the cookers and of course, for the food lovers!

    PS CS4 Advanced
    Kryptos Description: I haven't downloaded this, but damn, it looks amazing, just like the actuals Photoshop...

    Mobile Noter
    Kryptos Description: Write on a sticky your notes, your things to do and everything you want really!

    FTP On The Go PRO
    Kryptos Description: Fully featured FTP client.
    The web site is broken.
    You could fix it, but you aren't at your desk.
    No problem! With FTP On The Go, you can fix the website from anywhere.
    Of course it supports PHP, CSS, HTML files.

    For them the game players

    Medieval Lite
    Kryptos Description: I just fell in love with this app, its so addictive, I highly recommend it.

    Kryptos Description:If you're a Football Fan you'll highly love this, I bought it for free, but now it's so popular it costs moniez, you're running back and you have to not get tackled and get to the TD!

    NinJump HD
    Kryptos Description: I just downloaded it now, its great really, very entertaining, totally recommend it.

    GTRacing Free
    Kryptos Description: Amazing game, you participate in a race, its like playing F1 in Wii!

    kryptos Description: Its for iPhone but I don't care, it's really fun to play it with friends. I suggest you take a look at it.

    Chopper 2
    Kryptos Description: Probably my favorite game, it isn't free but it's worth it, to me at least, very addictive.

    Kryptos Description: Its free, its only 1 Level(The free version) but it's a good game.

    Labyrinth 2 HD Lite
    Kryptos Description: Really fun game, I totally loved it, not THAT much levels though but still very good.

    Kryptos Description: Really good game, its free and I recommend it, its kinda hard but that's the point!

    Pocket Ants
    Kryptos Description: Ants hater? This is the app for you, Kill as many ants as you want with explosives, rocks, etc!

    Kryptos Description: Really fun to play with friends and online!

    Kryptos Description: Excellent game with 120+ levels! I highly recommend it.

    For them the historians

    Kryptos Description: Its for iPhone but it gives you so much inspiration.

    Tablet Journal
    Kryptos Description: Want to write your own history? This is the app for you, write your day by day with photos!

    For them them who want to learn

    Kryptos Description: Tons of videos for you to watch of HowTo's!

    For them who travel

    The Weather Channel
    Kryptos Description: Keep an eye on the weather everywhere!

    Kryptos Description: Excellent app for the travelers, check where the plane is at the moment! If it's On-Time and much more!

    For them the background lovers

    HD Backgrounds

    Kryptos Description: Best Backgrounds app out there!
    NOTE: Free until September 27th!


    Kryptos Description: Excellent backgrounds app with some pretty funny stuff!

    Suggestions from DevBest users!

    Touch Hockey Extreme: FS5
    Retroa Description: Easy to control with different levels of difficulty. 2-Player is supported by multi touch.

    Extra apps!

    Google Earth
    Kryptos Description: Oh ***** I can see my house!

    Kryptos Description: Amazing Calculator for bussiness man! Just awesome.

    Calculator for iPad
    Kryptos Description: Free normal calculator for iPad.

    Kryptos Description: iPads wikipedia!

    That's it for now, I will be adding more sections with time and I'll be adding more apps.
    Also, any suggestions are more than welcomed.

    - Kryptos/MFP

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