My Top Reasons for Tiger


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Jan 20, 2005
1. Quicktime 7 - H.264
As an editor, QT is the biggest reason for me to upgrade to Tiger. I use Quicktime all the time, as it is essential to the apps that I use, notable Final Cut Pro and DVD SP. The best new features of Quicktime Player, is that it is completely multi-threaded, so exporting does not tie up the program. Support for H.264. H.264 is an amazing new codec! I love it. At about 1.5Mbps, the quality is nearly indistinguishable from MPEG2 at 6Mbps and DV video at 25Mbps. I love this codec.

2. Finder
Finder is more compact, smarter and faster. +50% by some estimates.

3. Spotlight
It's wickedly fast. And since it searches the contents of files, even if you forget the file name, you can definitely search within the files themselves. I use it to search within emails, such as if I want to find phone numbers hidden inside email messages. And Spotlight is only a Command-Spacebar away, giving access to seach within a keyboard command.

4. Dashboard
I love the fact that it disappears when you don't need it and appears instantly when you do need it. Great for little apps such as calculator, stickies, weather, conversions, and address book. No more fishing inside the applications folder to launch the right app. Its just F-12 away. It's amazing we were able to live without Dashboard for this long. It's very much an integral part of OSX now. One issue I don't like are the widget icons down the bottom are too big. Apple should cut the size of these icons down to half their size so you don't need to sideways scroll to look for more widgets. My other complaint would be to cut down the strength and duration of the ripple effect. Or give us the preference to turn it off or reduce the ripple effect. I love the effect, just it's too strong.

5. Mail
The new Mail interface is just plain sleek and gorgeous. Thank god they are starting to phase out drawers. Drawers are so ugly. Mail is simply gorgeous. Enough said.


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
Right now, the best bit for me is Smart Folders. Very powerful, and huge potential. Of course that is powered in turn by Spotlight, so Spotlight it is.


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Apr 30, 2003
dferrara said:
I'm looking forward to iCal 2 and vastly improved OpenGL optimizations... *crosses fingers*
Someone did some benchmarks with Doom 3 in Tiger and they are actually said that it was slower.. :eek: :eek: . i will try and find the linky.
But lets hope it isnt true..please oh please...

Here is the linky


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Jan 8, 2003
dferrara said:
I'm looking forward to iCal 2 and vastly improved OpenGL optimizations... *crosses fingers*
If you're like me, I think iCal 2 is going to leave you wanting more. It still isn't the upgrade worthy of OSX. Even OSX v10.0.0.


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Jan 22, 2005
My Top Reasons (probably not in order but all the following features I am having a hard time living without):

- Dashboard
- Spotlight
- Smart Folders
- H.264
- Speed Enhancements Systemwide
- Finder, Mail and Preview Slideshows
- Automator
- Built-in Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus
- Enhanced Mail Application
- Smart Times and Dates
- Grapher
- Scientific Calculator
- DVD Player Equalizer and Other Enhancements Like Artwork and a Sleeping Timer
- Core Image
- Core Video
- New Fonts
- iCal Calendar Printing
- iChat AV Enhancements
- Preview PDF Text Annotation
- Further Image Type Support for Preview
- Better Windows Compatibility and Networking
- 3D RSS Screen Saver
- Better System Profiler
- Migration Assistant
- Better Keychain Access
- Certificate Making
- Better Safari
- New QuickTime
- New Menu Bar Style
- Further File Path Integration
- New Sound Themes
- Microphone Calibrator
- Better Installer Application
- Help Viewer Web Integration
- More things that I can't see and don't know about but make my system run well
- Little things all over the system that will surprise me now and then when I discover them because I never knew they were there

I am hoping for the following (that I am not sure if Tiger has any of these not):
- A more responsive dock
- Thumbnails that load faster in the preview column in column view as well - Thumbnails that load faster in icon view
- An option to view icon thumbnails for larger sizes than 128 X 128 in a pictures folder
- Folder options that allows you to set universally for all folders instead of having to change all of them individually
- More responsive brushed metal windows (core image might help; yes?)
- An option in slideshow view to delete pictures without having to go back to Finder
- An option in activity monitor to see bar and pie charts for individual processes
- An option to partition a disk to be formatted, bootable and readable on both Windows and a Mac natively (i.e. capable of being partitioned for both MS-DOS File System and Mac OS Extended (Journaled) at the same time)
- A newly designed, faster loading and better print dialogue box
I know a lot of what I am hoping for won't be in 10.4 but I can always hope for 10.5 which will probably be released in 2 to 2.5 years from now.

I heard something about visual programming in Tiger -- Maybe part of X code 2?. Now that is something I think I could really get into. I've always wanted to be a programmer but I always hated the concept of having to learn a programming language first. I'd do really well with visuals. Even if I had to learn part of a programming language to do it I probably would.

Anyway check this out!!: This looks like it will be the new dashboard download page. :D


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Jan 18, 2004
Default Font Palette?

Hey - from anyone who's already played with the new cat, do we have any improvements on that (currently) useless default font menu that the iWork apps currently use? At the very least being able to see the font name in its own font?

Top reasons for Tiger:

1. Because I already bought a little stuffed tiger for each of my computers.
2. Steve wants me to.
3. I expect nice widgets to be coming out from smart shareware developers. Now if only TI would make a TI-83 widget...
4. Any speed bump is always welcome.
5. To be surprised.

Things that scare me:
1. I trust Apple to make design I'll fall in love with. But I am afraid of the new look, as I've fallen in love with brushed metal. Granted, I wouldn't want it if I already had an aluminum machine, but it looks great on plastic.

2. Changes in syncing. Right now, I have two macs (home and work) both synced with each other and a Palm. How long will it take me to get it working again is the question of the day - especially if the Pismo can't handle the new kitty.

3. Will Spotlight make us all lazy? Then, 10 years from now when we all use computers running the Walmart Operating System, will I have a bunch of files that aren't really organized to go through? :)

OK - I'm stretching. Time to go to work.
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