My Wish List Next iphone feature !! check out !!


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Feb 9, 2014
what in the world would you need 4k on a phone for? you would need 4x powerful GPU and 3x RAM and bigger battery to drive this.

Water resistant? nice to have but not necessary feature for most people, especially you would scarify some convenience for this feature.

only Sapphire and more RAM are important features to look forward to.
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Oct 3, 2006
i want they have in future
Thats the worst list of features wanted in the iPhone 6S I have seen to date. The only two things that would be useful would be the sapphire glass and additional RAM. The funny part is that you didn't even say the RAM was hot, instead you would rather have water resistance and tacky gold color over more RAM. Have you ever seen what has to be done to a phone to make it water resistant? Thankfully Apple doesn't take advice from people you are not capable of using proper grammer.
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