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    myDiaspora developers team is proud to announce that myDiaspora is finally available on the App Store! Download it now, for FREE!

    What's myDiaspora ?

    myDiaspora is a mobile social networking app (the first of its kind!) enabling you to keep in touch with your diaspora or your friends all around the world.
    - Check in : Let everyone know that you're partying, skiing or taking vacancies!
    - Discover places, events, people around you : See where are your friends, which places are around you, which events are happening, and..feel free to join !
    - Conquer the podium : Rule the places you most check in! Imagine you're on the White House podium !
    - Invite : Inviting friends or family to your place ? To your preferred restaurant ? Use myDiaspora to invite them, display place on a map leave comments etc.!
    - Keep your loved ones closer : Create group and broadcast them messages !
    - Stay updated : myDiaspora keeps you notified about your friends checkins and events.

    Download it from :
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    yea fb connection would be a good thing, but it's a good app

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