MyFi plus what kind of SIM for global roaming?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by rdstoll, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Hi this topic can probably land in any forum but I'll throw it in here since it seems more pertinent for the iPad. I'm looking for a solution for getting data while I travel overseas. The issue for me is that I tend to travel in short bursts, say a day or two in a particular country before moving on to the next one. So hunting down a local SIM in each market seems like a chore.

    So I'm looking at a MiFi device to allow me to get data for my laptop, iPad, and phone all at the same time. I'm just wondering if anyone has found a semi-decent solution for what kind of SIM to put in the MiFi device that gives you reasonable data prices. Some of the Global SIMs out there seem outrageous.

    I'm particularly interested in Europe (Uk + Continental) if that makes a difference. Maybe a Europe-focused SIM exists out there that is a bit more reasonable?
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    They're all going to be outrageous. Unfortunately there's no reasonably-priced one-size-fits-all solution. If you're traveling to the same set of countries then seeking out SIMS will be your best solution. A lot of them will let you stay dormant for a long time between uses and they're pretty easy to find. I did a lot of the former Eastern Bloc this year and T-Mobile or Orange stores were everywhere and the prepaid SIMS were very cheap compared to the "global" ones.
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    I've found two services: and where you can basically "rent" a SIM card.

    On iphonetrip it looks like you can rent a SIM card for basically $15/day for unlimited data roaming in over 100 countries. For Xcom they charge $15/day for a USB modem and $18/day for a MiFi device. Basic services are the same. The rub with these seems to be that you have to rent these SIMs in weekly increments.

    While paying $15/day seems a bit steep for data if you're going out of the country for a week and don't have time to get a local SIM card the prices aren't that bad. With AT&T you get 100MB for $110 but my experience has been that you burn through that data quickly.
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    I would have a look at MobilityPass - It's pay as you go and they are doing free SIM cards with free shipping. The rates for Europe look good (well, pretty decent compared to others anyway). You need to add funds though, but since it is available for 2 years, it should cover you for your trips.
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    From what I can see, the MobilityPass rates look terrible! Rates in Zone A countries are $2.00/MB. That's almost twice what you would pay for AT&T's easy to use (but very expensive) roaming plans. Zone B rates (e.g. in Australia, Mexico, Japan) are $20/MB!!!
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    Most countries in Europe seem to have Vodafone and T-Mobile, so I would see what their PrePaid Data rates are like and go from there. You'll also find Vodafone in nearly every country outside of North America or East Asia.

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    Mifi Modem

    I've been doing a lot of research on this very issue and I'm still a bit confused.
    My daughter will be spending 4 months in Italy this spring I had to find a inexpensive way for her to access the internet and use her iphone.
    I have an unlocked iphone3GS (pretty easy) and going to buy a Novatel Mifi Modem, either 2352 or 2372.
    When in Italy she will install a local SIM for telephone use in the iphone and purchase a separate SIM with only a data plan for the Mifi (TIM data plan 5GB -30euros per month)
    Carrying the Mifi around with her will always give the iphone Wifi capabilities in addition to her laptop (up to 5 devices).

    XcomGlobal gave a great student price for renting the modem & SIM but it's still around $200 per month. For $230 I can purchase the modem and have it for any other future trips abroad. Even if the SIM's end up costing a max of $100 per month, it's still cheaper.

    My only question now is whether to buy the Novatel 2352 or 2372. Both have capabilties to use 3G network (for when I'm in the US thru ATT) and in Europe for their particular frequencies.

    Any advice on this purchase would be greatly appreciated.
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    I see what you are saying but I have been whacked with a HUGE bill when I somehow 'surpassed" the allocated MB - that's how these providers get you so I would rather know how much all the way. If you know exactly what your usage is going to be for a given period, then these plans are much more appealing that's for sure.

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