MyShow365--Cosmetic show(LImited Free now)

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    MyShow365 is a unique cosmetic App; it will be outrageously easy for you to make up yourself as Obama, Lady Gaga , Julia Roberts, David Beckham or anyone you would like to be. And it can also make others to be like you.

    Key Features:
    *Cosmetic on the go --Capture a photo or load from liabray anywhere,It will detect your face automatically ,and then you can conduct Cosmetic surgery。
    *Pick a cosmetic style and you're done--Pre-provided 50 kinds face cosmetic model,makes it easy to turn anyone to cosmetic into others.
    *Customize the cosmetic model --you can select the cosmetic model from the camera or libaray.
    * Advanced face detection--Automatically and accurately detects the face(s) in your photo.
    * Multi facial cosmetic model-- you can make face-lifting with multi faces in a single photo.
    *Share new looks with your friends --After applying a face-lifting,save and share the amazing results with your
    friends on Facebook,Twitter, and sina see if they like it as much as you do
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