Mysterious Picture Storing Issue w/iPhone 6


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Aug 6, 2008
Springfield, MO
I took a picture of one of my customers and their new car last night, and although a small display of the pic I took is in the lower left hand cormer of the camera screen to the left of the shutter does not display in my photo albums or anywhere else I can see! I have tapped on the image, tried to drag it, and tried to manipulate it...but I can't make it go away, and can't make it go anywhere that I can publish it.

Look in lower left hand corner in screenshot below...

What do I do to move pic into an album...or save it so I can access it? This is drivine me NUTS!!


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Feb 28, 2009
hard reset. hold the home and sleep/wake button at the same time until it shuts off. then turn it back on.
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