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    For the longest time I've used OS X 6-something. My hard drive crashed, and now I have a new one with Maverick.

    About a year ago, I launched Safari, and a search-engine page I'd never seen before came up. It featured a gorgeous photo that took up my whole screen. There were about a hundred to chose from (you could change the photo down at the bottom), mainly cityscapes, a few nature photos. Since then, it was my default Safari search-engine, even though I never picked it to begin with (at least not purposely).

    I forgot the name of the site, and would love to use it again. Anyone know what it was? Unfortunately, I can't access that info in my backup (long story).

    It's not Bing, though it's very similar to it. It has a WAY less limited amount of photos to choose from.

    Anyone know what this page could be? I believe one photo was a shot of Lisbon at night, another the Taj Mahal, etc. (Bing would have several pics for these categories; this search engine would have one of each.)



    I found it!
    (NOT to be confused with malware site
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    Let me elaborate

    I just edited the original posting to make it clearer. Thanks.

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