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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by KindaSlowJohnny, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Thank you all in advance for any help.
    I tried to search to an answer here and google but with no luck.

    When you connect a 802.11g device like an iBook to a N-router, i realize that the wireless speed of the router will drop down from N to G across the network.
    However, does the Ethernet ports of the router also drops in speed? i.e. from gigabit ethernet to 100mbit?

    The reason I ask is, I'm thinking of purchasing a N-router with gigabit ethernet. I would like to keep the router's ethernet ports at full speed, as all the wired devices connecting to it are gigabit capable. However, I would also like to connect my Airport Express to the wireless network so that I may stream itunes. I would be fine with just the 802.11g wireless speed, but would very much like to have gigabit ethernet network.

    So do you think it's a possibility? Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank you again.
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    No it doesn't. If you have any single 802.11g device on an 11n network, speed drops but not to g speeds - however all 11g devices will stay at the 11g speeds, the 11n devices will experience a slight slowdown but not to 11g speeds.

    doesn't change unless your cable sucks (like really old cat5) or the computer doesn't have a 100mbit port, in which case anything going to or coming from that computer will be limited to the 100mbit speeds, not gige

    connect the airport express all you want, but make sure your 802.11n router supports the type of bridging (i forget what apple calls it...wds i think) that the airport express also does (not a standard, so even with it it might not necessarily work). and i doubt that with an 802.11g access point you'll be able to benefit from dumping money into an 802.11n router anytime soon, but..whatever floats your boat.

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