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    Hey all,

    recently I've discovered zodttd's newest emulator, n64iphone
    it's great and i suggest you all try it, however I'm a little disappointed with how it hasnt been updated to allow landscape mode (using a wiimote is awesome, but it'd be cooler if it could be used in fullscreen)

    just wondering if anyone has heard anything or just to you know, throw out there to zodttd that I'm at least one user, among many i bet, anxiously awaiting it being upgraded to support landscape. that, and the ability to save in the game are the 2 things that need to be upgraded, and the 2 things holding it back from nearly replacing all the apps I use for games.

    I know he's working on converting the emulators to the ipad/iphone 4 and droid, but n64iphone works on iphone for and just throwing out there that I hope it's not forgotten.

    besides that, what games have you found work really well on it? super mario 64 works nicely, but my super smash bros always kinda thinks im pushing buttons that im not, even though ive reinstalled the rom and installed a different version of the rom
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