name of MMS program?


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Oct 29, 2008
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Hello all,

Over the weekend my iPhone 3G (which was jailbroken) crashed so I had to restore everything.

On my iPhone I had bought an app via Cydia that allowed one to read and reply to text messages from ANY app. The app was recently updated and it now showed the photo of the contact (if one) in the dialog bubble that opens up. Furthermore when the message came in, it showed the last few messages in the conversation. And finally I do not think the app had it's own icon. One had to go into settings to access the program.

Well my problem is I cannot remember the name of the app and therefore cannot find it in Cydia. I've seen a couple when doing a search for MMS but those don't appear to be it. I'm thinking that app might have been from a repository that I do not have since reloading the phone and JB.

Can someone please advise what app I may be describing?