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    Mar 31, 2019
    Help! I am trying to remember the name of an Apple ][ or ][gs game. (Or, at least I think it was a game on Apple.) I feel like it was an MECC game, but I am not 100% sure of it. We used to play it in elementary school, so that would have been ‘85 - ‘92 for me. My gut tells me it was more like kindergarten to third grade. Meaning it was somewhere in ‘85 - ‘89. Here is what I remember: At the beginning of the game you would select you character, which was a monster. The levels were simple walkways, two to three per screen, with gaps. The character would walk across the walkway and when you came to a gap, you had to solve arithmetic questions. If you got it right, the gap would fill in and you would continue. I cannot seem to recall what happened if you got it wrong. (I feel like another monster attacked you, but that could just be faulty memory.) Anyone remember a game like this?

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