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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Andrew D., Feb 10, 2008.

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    So I tried searching this every and I guess my choice of word combinations aren't working out to well. I have seen some peoples photos and they would put their name on a corner or what not, I can easily do it on Photoshop.. but I'm wondering if I had over 200 images how can I place it on all of them at one go instead of individually. I know there has to be a program or some kind of special way (maybe through Aperture) I can just select a batch of images and put let's say my little logo in the bottom right corner? Any ideas or info that would be great! Don't flame me to hard if this has been asked before, thanks!
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    I too have searched endlessly on this. I've asked a few photogs also and have rec'd no response.
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    Wow...I watched that...most of's way more complex than I'd hoped for. Yikes.
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    You can do this very easily in Aperture. First in Photoshop (or whatever application) make your logo/text. You'll probably want to make the white areas transparent; otherwise you’ll have a white block on your photo. I have black text with a fuzzy white border on a transparent background—that way the text can be read over pretty much any photo.

    Then, in Aperture, set up a new export preset (Aperture > Presets > Export Presets…). Alternatively, you could edit one of the built-in profiles (but I tend to want to leave those ‘clean’). Set everything the way you want it (perhaps you want to export a full-size JPEG with the sRGB profile), and then you can choose your watermark in the section at the bottom of the sheet. Experiment with the settings. Try exporting an image or two using your new export preset to see if you’re happy with the result—if not, you can of course go back and fiddle with the settings until you come up with something that works and you’re otherwise happy with.

    NB this though—if you want to change the watermarked image at a later date, it will not suffice simply to re-open your watermark in Photoshop (or whatever) and overwrite the file. Aperture doesn’t just look at the file every time you export: when you made the export profile it opened the image and saved it into its own settings. Therefore, if you change the image, you will need to re-load it in the export profile settings.

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