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Discussion in 'iPod' started by asteroid, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Hi, firstly I apologise if this subject has been mentioned before, but can anyone recommend a cover/case for the ipod nano.

    I went into my local apple store and they told me they've currently got none in-stock and had no date for a delivery - useful.

    However, I've seen several types of covers and cases for sale on ebay and wondered if anyone can recommend a decent one?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Because I like how neat this thread is...

    I've PM'd a MR member, nomad01 and s/he has been very kind in answering my questions. In short, s/he has and uses the Martin Fields nano shield so I asked for more info. I've gotten permission to post the PM content, take it as a mini review:

    Re: Noticed you have Martin Fields

    It shipped fairly quickly. It was coming from Singapore I think... from memory... and took about a week. Maybe just under.

    They offer a courier service though if you need it quick. More expensive but maybe worth it if you need it.

    It comes with a seperate doughnut shaped cover for the click wheel that you can use or not. It works just as well with or without it though.

    My MF cover is a little smaller than the nano but unless you look closely you can't tell and it's really highly glossy so it doesn't detract from the look of the nano at all. It's really crystal clear. Some people have complained about air bubbles under it but I've NEVER had an air bubble problem with any MF covers so maybe they just didn't apply it right..

    It comes off very easily if you need it too and doesn't leave a residue. I've used these covers on my mobile phones for some time now and they've never left a residue.

    Hope that helps.

    *next PM*

    I've protected the rear with PDA film or a cheap Decalgirl crystal skin. Both do a good job of keeping the back in good condition but the Decalgirl skin is cut to size so it's a bit better.

    The Decalgirl skin looks bad on the front of a nano but looks okay on the rear.

    Also, MF are planning on making skins for the new iPod video... they're just waiting for a unit from Apple so they can start production.

    *last one*

    DecalGirl is a good cheap solution. It's no good for the front as it isn't crystal clear but it's okay for the back and you get two in a pack for not much money.

    As for the front though, I don't think you can beat the MF cover.

    *** So thanks to nomad01's advice, I've ordered the MF cover. Let you all know how I like it.

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