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Discussion in 'iPod' started by luckylisp, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I have a 5th generation nano and I'm considering the latest 6th generation nano with touch screen.

    Can anyone that uses it for running/exercising let me know how easy it is to control with the touch screen, say, if you keep it in your pocket. Can you easily change the volume and go to the next or previous track without looking at it? How do you access playlists? Are there a lot of taps involved?

    For those that have used both, is the 5th generation better for running and exercising or the latest touch nano?
  2. iRickyRocket macrumors newbie

    Nov 14, 2011
    I've used both exclusivley for the gym and running. I like the 6th gen better because it's so small and light. It also has a clip built in. You get used to the volume buttons on top - I like controlling the volume with the buttons better than the old click wheel. The third button on top (sleep/wak button) can be setup to either go to the next track or pause the current song by double clicking it. I've found it helpful to set it as a pause button incase someone comes up to you and tries to talk to you.

    You'll have to look at the screen to access playlists (but I had to with my 5th gen as well). You just use a touch screen instead of the click wheel. You swipe left/right up/down kind of like a iPhone except the screen is much smaller than iPhone of course.

    You'll most likely have to look at the screen to go the next previous/track. The sequence is hit sleep/wake button and then there is a forward/backward/pause images on the screen. It's a touch screen so you'll look to see which one to press. Maybe not after hours of practice.

    I've used both with an armband strap. The 5th gen is a little bulky/large to use with an armband when working out IMO. The 6th gen really is more practical for the gym. Keeping it your procket would be a little tricky but it would be with the 5th gen as well. Do you take the 5th gen out your pocket to control the functions or you do got it down where you can control it while it's in your pocket ?

    Overall the 6th gen is better for the gym IMO.
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    Navigatin on it is fast. Like the inertia scrolling just like on the idevices.
  4. luckylisp, Nov 19, 2011
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    Thanks for your reply, rgarjr.

    iRickyRocket - that helps tons. Thanks very much. I use an armband for my 5th generation in the summer, but in cold weather I usually put it in my pocket if I'm running outside. The main things I want to access easily are volume (some tracks come on much louder then others) and previous/next track. I think accessing the volume actually seems easier on the 6th generation going by what you're saying. Sometimes with the click wheel it goes into the mode where you get the line that forwards the track and you can't access the volume until it disappears which is really annoying.

    I might set the 3rd button as next track button. Can you set it for previous track rather then next track? I like the power song function too.

    Without setting the 3rd button for next track, how easy is it to go to previous or next track without viewing the screen? I think that's my biggest concern.

    Oh and I take the 5th generation out of my pocket to control playlists, but I leave it in my pocket or armband for the basics like volume and next/previous track. Controlling playlists isn't a big deal as I usually stick with one playlist while working out so I don't need to access it for the most part.

    I think constantly having to use the wake button is the biggest problem. Considering it's made for active use it really seems counterproductive to me. To make it great for working out it seems quickly accessing next and previous track should be much faster and easier so that's my biggest concern.

    Would still love to hear anyone else's pros and cons.
  5. iRickyRocket macrumors newbie

    Nov 14, 2011
    Yes volume is better contolled on 6th gen. Also, it does still have the option/line to forward the position in the track (useless feature), but it's much harder to get to (which is good).

    No. Only can be set it to double click for next track or pause.

    Bingo! You hit on the worst feature of the 6th gen nano for working out. So when it's in sleep mode (which it almost always is) you hit the sleep/wake button to light up the screen - no problem you can do that by feel - don't have to look at the device.
    Now the screen has three icons on it (prev, pause, forward)... << || >>
    So I know I want to hit the next track >> Can I do that without looking at the screen ? Do you feel lucky ? Well do ya ?
    Or if I want to go three tracks forward without looking I'd have to find the right place on the screen (its small so you do have a good shot). But I'd have to time it right, each track would have to come up (takes a milli-sec) before the icons display for that track, then I can press forward for the next. Or just wait for the track to start playing before hitting >> again. "In all the excitement I can't remember if I fired 6 shots or only 5."

    I've only had mine a few weeks so I'm still looking at the screen to forward to next track(s), but I think with practice I can do it. I'll have to conceed that the clickwheel on previous gens is better for this particular feature though.

    Yes, I would at least like to have the option of touching the screen to get it out of sleep mode. I am starting to see Apple's point on this though. If someone has it in their pocket, they could possibly be putting it out of sleep mode accidently all day - wearing down the battery power. I have an Android smartphone and I noticed today that when it goes into sleep mode, I have to press the wake button on top - just like the nano - so the design isn't really "flawed" - it's just a pain when working out.

    We've focused on the downsides here, but overall, I still recommned 6th gen nano over 5th gen for working out/running. It's so light and small it's ideal. Rumor mill for 7th gen nano is that they are losing the clip - which would be a bad idea.

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