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Apr 12, 2001

Since this article was published, Nanoleaf reached out to MacRumors to explain that the information was incorrectly shared early in Europe, and that Thread Border Router support will be in fact be rolled out next month.

Nanoleaf, the company that makes wall-mounted modular light panels in various shapes, today rolled out Thread border router support for its Shapes and Elements light panels, which can be arranged in multiple positions.


As a quick explainer, Thread is a low latency and low power mesh-like network for smart devices. Unlike Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Thread standard doesn't depend on a router or hub. Instead, the smart device itself extends the network by talking to other Thread-enabled devices, thereby boosting the signal between them.

Apple's HomePod mini and the latest Apple TV 4K act as Thread border routers, and by adding Thread-supported devices around the home, users can typically expect improved connectivity compared to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a wider control range, and more remote scheduling options.

The new Nanoleaf Thread border router support also means Android users will be able to control the Essentials devices, too. Other devices that work with Thread include smart home products from Eve, the Nest Hub Max, and Nest Wi-Fi by Google.

(Via Trusted Reviews.)

Article Link: Nanoleaf Adds Thread Border Router Support to Shapes and Elements Light Panels [Update: Rollout Next Month]
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Nov 19, 2012
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Oct 4, 2005
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the only flaw with these is always going to be the ugly cable running down the wall.
Well, you forgot about how they'r over-priced and how erratic the software is. But hey, if your goal is to telegraph poor interior design taste to your friends and family, Nanoleaf if the way to go.


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Jul 12, 2011
Who "needs" a HomePod or a subscription to Apple Arcade?

I have some Nanoleaf stuff in the house, it's cool being able to set automations and make any room a certain colour.
If you have some money to spare for nice things why not! :)
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