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Apr 12, 2001

Nanoleaf has been working on new hexagon-shaped lighting panels to add to its triangle and square-shaped lighting panel options, and the Hexagons are now available for limited pre-orders.


Customers who signed up to be notified when the Hexagons became available were this week sent emails allowing them to place a pre-order. Pre-orders are set to open for everyone on Friday, May 15, and the Hexagons will be available for regular purchase towards the end of June.


The Nanoleaf Hexagons are the first panels that are part of Nanoleaf's new Shapes line, which will feature shape interconnectivity.


Like the Nanoleaf Canvas and Aurora, the Hexagons can be tiled together to create unique patterns using a small number of lights or multiple packs of light panels. The panels are designed to attach to the wall in an interlocking pattern using adhesive.


The lights can be controlled with Scenes in the Nanoleaf app, and a Rhythm option lets the lights shift based on the music that's playing. As with the Nanoleaf Canvas, the Hexagons are touch-enabled and will change colors when touched, allowing for games and other interactions.


More information about the Hexagons can be found on the Nanoleaf website.

Article Link: Nanoleaf Now Taking Limited Pre-Orders for Hexagon-Shaped Smart Lighting Panels


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Jan 26, 2009
Never understood the appeal of these - maybe in a modernistic hotel lobby or night club or something but not in a home - which seems to be what all their example photos are of. Maybe just not millennial enough (at all)

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Mar 6, 2014
There are only so many shapes… after they did triangles, squares and examines I am afraid they run out of polygons that can nicely fill a surface. That being said they cost at least ten times the price I’d be willing to pay for something so gimmicky.


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Dec 7, 2014
I thought we were past the juvenile excitement over the fact that LEDs can change color.

Sounds like your home looks boring as hell.
Checked their site. Closed it out within a minute after checking prices.


Yeah. $20/triangle panel is… a lot when you consider how many panels they use in their samples. You'll be out hundreds.

It looks cool, but at that price, nah.
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Sep 16, 2014
I had to quit using LED lamps.

I have a whole house previously lit with Hue.

It was making my puppy insane, took me forever to figure out what the problem was.

I'm back to 100% incandescent and he is a comoleteky different dog ok n the evening now.



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Mar 20, 2016
LOL! Who thinks to themselves, "I'm going to paint random purple rectangles on my walls and doors." Also... why do the floor boards look like they are decking? Person must love spiders.

Oh gosh yes, the fake plastic decking. Terrible bad taste in flooring matching the bad taste in having these lighting panel abominations. Maybe you'd get them for your 4 year old's room, but...

Analog Kid

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Mar 4, 2003
Sounds like your home looks boring as hell.

I suppose it does if your personal aesthetic is “MOAR SATURATED STIMULI!

I just don’t happen to need everything in my life to pulsate, interact, and actively illuminate in narrow spectral bands like I’m living in a turn of the century iTunes visualizer. I understood the fascination when LEDs first got traction— Oliver Sacks had to down a cocktail of psychedelics to experience indigo, now we can do it sober— but with time I find it crass, annoying and dated.

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Sep 7, 2011
Sep 7, 2011
Preorder button on their website not working for me, glitched. Other kits on their web store do cost a bit. Lots of different kits, looks like it will add up.

The are also lots of cheaper options out there, but I haven’t bothered researching quality between different companies.
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