Narrow band adapter for 42mm Apple Watch?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by Wymapper, Apr 15, 2016.

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    I have a favorite Hopi silver inlay band with 18mm attachment lugs, the band is wider. All the silver color/SS band adapters have 24mm attachments for the larger Watch. These give to much play, side to side. Does anyone know of a narrower AW adapter for the 42mm size? The only alternative I can come up with is some 3mm silver shims, but I don't like the looks. I haven't purchased the watch yet, but it's a big deal to me. I last wore a watch in 1974-5, when I worked as a consultant for the Hopi Tribe.

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    Not many variations in adapter lug widths out there. Pretty much as you've noted the 42mm will fit a 24mm band. Click made a 42mm adapter (spring bar) with a lug width of 22mm. Not sure if these are even available to order anywhere. It was a kickstarter funded company as I recall and they had lots of production problems. People last I read had been receiving their products finally. There's a thread somewhere in the Watch accessories board.

    Not sure what you mean by 3mm silver shims but wonder if you couldn't slip some beads on a spring bar at each side of the watch band as a space filler. Might look nice. Don't know what your band looks like but maybe beads in silver or turquoise? Post a photo of the band if you can. Curious what it looks like.

    There is also Strap Codes 42mm spring bar adapter that I'm reading has a 20mm lug width. Might be your best bet. It's in a polished SS (also brushed and in black). It's a different design in that it extends out and down more than the Click adapter appeared to. They are selling it so at least it's available to order. At one time I thought they sold just the adapter without the Perlon band but now I'm seeing it sold in combo. Wouldn't hurt to ask if they would sell it separately I guess. Here's the link to the product page on their website:
    Here's two close up photos of it on an Apple Watch. This looks like the brushed version:
    Here's the polished:

    If you end up ordering the adapters from there, please come back and post a photo. I know people here have ordered watch bands from Strap Code but don't think anyone has posted buying these uniquely sized adapters.

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