NAS drives and backup solutions

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    Jan 9, 2008
    I run a small design business with everybody working remotely and I want a storage solution where everybody can access all files at any time. I assume a NAS drive is the best solution. I also want a backup version of the NAS drive in a separate location incase of damage etc. Is it possible to have two NAS drives in different locations that somehow mirror each other.

    Is there an alternative storage and backup solution other than NAS. 500GB should be enough storage space but we do work with some big files 300/400MB.
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    Yes you can do that. Our company has three disk arrays in three cities and they remain sync'd. But (1) keeping them in sync requires a very fast network connection between the sites and (2) you low-end (sub $1K) NAS unit is not going to be able to do this.

    You like don't really need "NAS" any folder shared on the network will work as well and do the same thing. But this does mean the computers hosting the folder will have to run 24x4 and can't be shut down.

    Also with the data hosts on a computer can can do more with it,... like run a script periodically to sync it to another computer at a different location. (I'd run rsync out of a the cron table. Set it up so that it runs a couple times a day)

    On top of that run Time Machine

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