NAS network drive - on wired network.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DukeOfHunslet, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Jan 31, 2011
    Hunslet, England
    I recently ran Cat5 up through the house to solve a wifi signal problem. Now it works I want to connect my 2 mac minis to an unmanaged router and also a NAS drive for Time Machine backups and archives.

    I've looked at the Mac Store for ideas and come away blank. Lost of SATA and FireWire drives but NAS drives for home wired networks are obviously found upon by Apple because they want you to by TimeCapsule.

    I've looked on some main IT sites but keep coming up against user reviews saying 'do not buy - crap' or does not work with OS - do not buy' or just 'had 5 of these now and sent everyone back - do not buy'.

    I don't need to do clever things with it. I don't need to stream media or use it with the internet - just as a Network Drive.

    I'm looking at 2x2TB on RAID1 - but I've found some that only run the main software off 1 drive so it's not true RAID1. I need it to be true hotswappable and preferably auto-rebuilding when installing a replacement drive. It needs to work with Time Machine for 2 separate Macs.

    If anyone has any ideas or knowledge here I would l welcome your advice.

    many thanks
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    What is your router? Many, including Airport Extreme, have a USB port that supports external drives.

    In this case, any USB enclosure becomes a NAS drive. Just find a USB enclosure that properly supports RAID1.

    Sure you could buy a NAS enclosure, but then you are spending extra money for functionality that's already supported by the router (assuming you have a router that does that).
  3. DukeOfHunslet thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 31, 2011
    Hunslet, England
    It's an O2 branded router but it does have a USB outlet. I don't want to connect to the ADSL router as it's downstairs. I've run the Cat 5 up 2 floors and want to put the drive and unmanaged hub hidden away where a casual thief can't see it if the house is burgled.

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    CAT6 and CAT5e is about the same, seriously, don't bother with CAT6, you'll get the same throughput either way. Only difference is that CAT6 was made to handle gigE while CAT5e still does it.

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