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    Hi everyone, stupid question from someone looking into getting a RAID with NAS for the first time. When they list the TB it has, is that referring to each hard drive in the NAS, or the total of all hard drives put together? For example, this says 2 TB, but I don't know if that's 2 1TB hard drives, or 2 2TB hard drives (so 4 TB in total):
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    When you're looking at NAS devices, usually the capacity will be the total across all installed drives, unless it is a model that does not come with drives, in which case they'll usually say it takes up to whatever amount.

    Many of those devices come without drives already, so just make sure to read the descriptions carefully if you don't want to purchase them separately. It looks like the LS220D0202-EU you linked here does come with two 1TB drives.
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