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    Oct 3, 2014
    Hi there
    i apologise if these questions are stupid, but i hope you can help.

    OK so i am awaiting delivery of nas and harddrive, at the moment i will only be putting in one 6tb disk. as that all i can afford at moment. so do i set this to raid 0?
    i will be buying another 6tb need something that makes sense... i have ordered a qnap pro-ts-253

    my main computer is a macbook pro (no ethernet port, do i need one to initially set this nas up?)

    or can i connect it to my router and install software on mac which will allow me to continue with the installation?

    my router is next to my main tv and i want to connect the nas to my tv via hdmi to run Kodi, is there an initial software pre-installed on the nas? which will allow me to install further applications...

    i plan to run a plex server and move my content onto the nas, will the directory files be saved in easy for me to browse i.e. mac (amend, delete?)

    i want to download torrents directly to the Nas, is this done via a mobile app (ios?) and it will download directly onto the nas? again can i choose the location where the downloads are saved
    also is there a way to monitor the torrent downloads i.e. if they are successful, unsuccsessful?

    if i download torrent filder on my macbook, is there a way to make it download straight to the nas? rather the local drive...

    can i remote access everything on the nas simply? i have a dynamicip address with my ISP... (virgin broadband uk)

    can i back up my macbook wirelessly to the nas? using timemachine.. at the moment i am backing up to a usb harddrive

    can i install itunes on the nas, and access my itunes content without the mac, via an alternative app/software ?

    thats all the questions for now, there may be more. i hope you can help?
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    NAS stands for "Network Attached Storage"! So it connects to your network (with an Ethernet cable) and you get to it's interface with an IP in a web browser!

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    Oct 25, 2008
    If you have a NAS that allows for only 2 drives and you put one drive in, you wont be using RAID. You will set it up as a single drive. RAID 0 or 1 (only two available for 2 drive NAS) requires two drives.

    As mentioned, there is a web interface for QNAP. There is also a Qfinder application that you can install on your laptop. When both your laptop and QNAP are on your home network, you can use the Qfinder to see the QNAP from your laptop. As well, your QNAP is cable wired into your network and your laptop can either be WiFi or cabled to your network.

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