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    My lab keeps getting internet and USB drive viruses that spread through our lab computers and equipment so I'm trying to come up with a secure storage solution that will avoid the internet and USB thumbdrives.

    I was thinking about setting up an NAS system but I don't know a whole lot about it and was hoping that some of you might have some good advice. Here are some of my requirements:

    1) Be able to map the NAS as a mapped network storage drive for standard windows XP computers so that data from the equipment can be directly stored on the mapped drive.

    2) Be able to set up a wireless network that will allow us to wirelessly download our data

    3) no need to use a USB stick to get access to our files/data

    4) (preferred) - no need to connect to internet

    Are there any simple, easy-to-setup NAS storage solutions for our problem? I attached a diagram showing the basic setup.


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    Many ways to skin that cat. What's your budget, and what kind of institution are you at? Have you consulted with your IT folks?

    In this day and age it's often easier to deploy a virtual server in an institutional environment than a separate NAS.


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