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    I am currently looking into getting a NAS, I was looking for them a couple years back and because of budget and needs at the time I just decided to go with a WD Live. I now want to upgrade to more of a home system. The main things I want are the
    • Ability to back up from multiple Mac's also windows is possible but not a necessity.
    • The other main thing is for it to be able to run as a home media server - Plex or XBMC.
    • I like the idea of Hot-swappable HDD Trays.
    • I also want to start running a RAID setup as my data is just building and just cant risk a failed drive!
    • Personal Cloud - A good app that actually works well would be a start as I find the WD app slow laggy and just unreliable.

    I have been looking at QNAP and Synology but really don't know where to go!
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    Well, you could go here:

    It's a reliable site and has a lot of information and reviews.

    Please remember that RAID isn't a backup.

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