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    So my boyfriend's dad's birthday is coming up this weekend. We got him a Philips Blu Ray/DVD player so that he could hopefully stream from his Netgear Readynas to a Dynex HDTV. He tried to set it up the other day (he's a "techie" guy) but apparently the player we got only does Netflix and that sort of stuff. It doesn't support streaming from a device.

    My question: are we just missing something in set up? The blu ray player is bdp2105. Do we need a DLNA device instead?
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    Yes, you do need DLNA. What you got is BluRay player that plays BluRays, has a few apps including Netflix, and plays files off USB 2.

    If all you want is streaming and NAS access, then get something like a WDTV Live.

    If you want BluRay and streaming and NAS access, get a BluRay player with DLNA, or a Playstation 3 - it's a 3D BluRay player, has lots of streaming apps, and can connect to your NAS.
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    I have that Netgear and it works great for what you're trying to do. The BRP I use is Samsung BD-D5300 which is a middle-of-the road player. Hope you can still return the Philips.
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    Philips not Philips

    Philips of Holland SOLD their name to some chinese company.
    It has become cheap chinese electronics, designed by people
    who knock off other people's stuff.
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    Well as you can see there is no perfect answer as there are many solutions but the real challenge here is understanding exactly what each device can do or not do.

    Just some thoughts -

    PS3 - if the type of files you have already work on a PS3, then it is a great choice. Caveat for PS3 is that it is limited in what files it can play and some sadly are very common formats that Sony opts not to support. - MKV comes to mind. There are ways however to convert some files to formats that the PS3 can play from your NAS. PS3 will not support some HD Audio such as DTS-Master within a file from your NAS. You may get the image but no audio. Again, always make sure you know what is supported by the device.

    Blu Ray players - similar situation in that some offer more bells and whistles than others including streaming options (Netflix, Amazon, Vudu etc.) along with access to locally stored media files (via USB directly or through your home network to a NAS). Always check to see what file formats are playable from the USB storage and the NAS - they are not always the same.
    Some players state they support DLNA and also some can see network storage without DLNA.

    NAS - Short and simple - always make sure you set up the software within that handles DLNA. Items to pay particular attention to is "permissions" and identifying where on the NAS your media files are stored. While some DLNA software can convert files for you, it usually is a bad show (figuratively and literally) and highly suggest that you play back files that are already playable by your Blu Ray player. NAS should never be considered a "back up" solution* However, a properly cared for NAS may have over time its challenges but usually can be resolved (drive failures or power supply etc.).

    Yes to the port - As silly as it sounds, some people run into problems because they might have more than one device connected to their TV or receiver etc. and fail to tell the TV or receiver to switch to that port. Example being HDMI input 1 on the TV might be for a cable box and HDMI input 2 for your Blu Ray player. You can't get Blu Ray to show up unless you tell the TV to go to input 2 (don't laugh but I see this way too often with some of my friends). The same applies (and more so) with connecting the above to a receiver (AVR).

    Hope the above is considered food for thought and useful.
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    Thanks for the advice! I don't think he's interested in a PS3, and I'm not sure about returning the Philips. The WD Live sounds like a good option; I saw it on some other sites as well.

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