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    So my with my current setup I have my Macbook, Airport, iPad, Smart TV and iPhone all on the same network and whenever I have guests over and want to show them a video off of my laptop on my TV I take the video and put it on a USB drive and then take that USB drive and plug it into the back of my TV.

    My question is this... what if I had a NAS plugged into my Airport could I then take that NAS and plug my smart TV and see what videos I have stored on it?

    So instead of taking a USB and attaching it to my TV could I just place the files on my NAS and have the TV see those files?

  2. orourke macrumors newbie

    Nov 6, 2008
    It depends on your smart tv, but it should work.

    Install a DLNA server on your NAS, like Twonky or any other one that probably comes bundled with your NAS. Then you should be able to select the DLNA server as the input on your smart tv and see all your videos.
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    Make sure the TV can play the formats of your video. I have an older Sony TV (3 years or so) and it can't play many formats. Suggest you check the on-line manual of your intended or current TV.

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