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    Ok.. I have asked this question on several different forums so I thought I would also ask it here since this is after all a Mac centric forum.

    Mac Mini
    Mac Pro
    Windows XP SP3
    2 iPads
    2 iPhones
    Lots of iPods

    I am currently doing usung a windows xp box with an attached 4 disk jbod setup. I have sync toy run at night and it backs up everything from the main disk to the other three disks. So I have three running copies and one master copy of the files. My main disk is quickly running out of room as my library for iTunes alone is at 650 gigs of music alone and I have a lot more to rip at not to mention my movies that I am starting to rip at. These hard drives since they are on the Windows box are formatted in NTFS.

    There is a lot of manual labor in this setup because I can't store my iPhoto library on the win box because of the NTFS formatting. Just a back up of the file. I have two macs that have two iPhoto library's and I want to be able to have a central spot to house all my files and be able to work off those files.

    I have iTunes on the win box and it is the master library. However I am unable to move files from the master library say to one of the iPhones via the shared library. I don't know why. I can see all the shared library under iTunes I just can't add to them or use them for any of my iDevices.

    So I have three working library's running. One on the Mac mini, one on the Mac pro and the master on the win box I have tried the automatically add to library folder but it is hit and miss at best.

    I like the iTunes server on the qnap box but I have been unable to confirm if I can move files to an iPhone or iPad out of the shared files. Since that is pretty much how it is going to be setup.

    I have apps, podcasts, music, movies all being managed throughitunes and having to manage these files on three separate machines sucks.

    Back up
    Working master copy in a central location

    I want to be able to stream, backup and also work off the master copies of my iPhoto library and iTunes library. Managing three different computers is no easy feat to say the least. Especially the amount of items I have and adding on a daily basis. Both me and wife take lots of pictures and buy lots of cd's.

    I have been on the unRaid forums reading and so far I have gotten the following:

    unRaid is to slow to have the iPhoto library on it, so it is just used as a back up.
    iTunes works fine, but I am still waiting back to see if you can move items from the shared library to and from the iDevices whether it is an app, music, podcast etc. This has to be able to be done.
    Back up is nice, expandability is great.

    If I go with one of the 4-5 disk boxes ala qnap or synology I am basically stuck with those boxes and the amount of hard drives I can place in them.

    I hope this makes sense. If not p,ease feel free to ask away. I have been reading and searching for ways to make this work.

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to make sure I have a good chunk of the information here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

    Items I am looking at:
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