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    Hi all,

    Well after much frustration with Lion I think I have a handle on the beast.

    Granted it still needs some major tweaks but I will cover these below.

    For those of you struggling with the new interface and switching between windows apps etc read below for my mods to make it as painless as possible.

    1. Go and buy a magic trackpad if you don't have one. Lion will be all but impossible to navigate without one unless you want to remember a half a dozen key modifiers and use a min 4 button mouse (it is possible)

    2. Download Better Touch Tool from It says snow leopard only but it will do an update once downloaded and give some lion options.

    3. Scrolling direction. This one is a user preference go to
    System Preferences
    Scroll and Zoom
    Uncheck Scroll direction and viola its back to normal.
    I recommend giving it a few days and see if you can get used to it. It does make sense just sooo different from what we are accustomed to on a desktop/macbook.

    4. Expose - Spaces - Dashboard vs Mission control
    Ok its similar but different. Granted that you do lose the up down left right functionality of using spaces but it can work equally well.
    I currently have it set so that I enter mission control see a stack of windows overlapping for one program select it by clicking on it then quickly launch into app expose which shows all of them.
    i.e. Mission control four finger swipe down, Select the group I am interested in, while its animating back t the desktop five finger swipe up to application expose and it shows all windows including those in the dashboard minimized.

    It sounds like more work but it does give you a better view of whats going on especially if you have a lot of windows open.

    To configure Trackpad

    If the dashboard on its own space bugs you under
    System preferences
    Mission Control
    Uncheck show dashboard as a space and it will float on top as it did before

    Below are my modifiers for the trackpad getting it all to work

    System Preferences - Trackpad - Point & Click

    Tap to Click checked option Tap with one finger
    Secondary Click checked option Click or tap with two fingers
    Look up checked option Double tap with three fingers
    Three finger drag checked option Move with three fingers
    System Preferences - Trackpad - Scroll and Zoom
    Scroll direction : natural unchecked (try it before you kill it)
    Zoom in or out checked
    Smart zoom unchecked (personal preference i found it annoying)
    Rotate checked
    System Preferences - Trackpad - More Gestures
    Swipe between pages checked option Scroll left or right with two fingers
    Swipe between full screen apps checked option Swipe left or right using four fingers
    Mission Control unchecked
    App Expose unchecked
    Launchpad unchecked
    Show Desktop unchecked

    Better Touch Tool - Preferences - Advanced Mode- Gestures- Trackpad / Magic Trackpad
    Five Finger Swipe Left - Move left a space
    Five Finger Swipe Right - Move Right a space
    Five Finger Swipe Up - Application Expose
    Five Finger Tap - Show Dashboard
    Four Finger swipe Down - Expose
    Four Finger Swipe up - Show Desktop

    Under the other tabs you can set preferences to enable window snapping as in Windows 7 where by dragging to the left of the screen it splits the window left etc etc from there you can then use additional modifiers of swipes and clicks to arrange your windows i.e five finger click sends the widow to the bottom half of the screen etc etc... and under the General tab BTT will launch on startup.

    5. Finder Sidebar Colors, Still no work around for this blight on our senses. FAIL Apple FAIL.
    I tunes patch currently out there is buggy on 10.4 use at your own risk.
    Mail Sidebar Colors - As per Finder
    IPhoto Sidebar Colors - As per Finder
    etc etc.

    Yes I get the argument that its cleaner blah blah blah. Fact is History has shown that a greyed out icon is one that is not available. Why change that its clear and easy.
    Secondly we have beautiful displays on our macs that show brilliant vivid color - use it.
    Thirdly this isn't communist eastern Europe but it certainly resembles it from the options given to us and the color scheme forced upon us.


    Use SIMBL and Colorful sidebar to restore color to Finder only.
    See Link

    Launchpad is a fantastic application. I haven't set a track pad modifier for it but you can easily do that using BTT. I have it set using hot corners. Configure these using System Preferences - Mission Control

    7. Finder Information
    To get your path bar (showing wht folder your in under what structure) When in Finder select View and select Show Path Bar
    To get your Status Bar (showing how large a file or folder is)
    When in Finder select View and select Show Status Bar

    Thats about it for now Happy Hunting.

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    Feb 17, 2011
    Spokane, WA
    Assuming your using a Magic Trackpad, because you suggested it.

    That gesture was talked about SO MUCH. Have you watched the videos on at all?

    It's just a 4 finger pinch. Use your thumb and three fingers.
  3. PeteAtko thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 16, 2008
    Yep, Watched them, tried it and found it conflicted with the expose function.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Apr 24, 2011
    Here's something that could help even Snow Leopard users... Download BetterSnapTool. It's made by the same people that made, you guessed it, BetterTouchTool

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