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    Navy Seals Covert Operations is a Quake 3 mod similar to Urban Terror but with a style and gameplay similar to Counter Strike. The game shares lineage with Counter Strike given that one of the developers of the Counter Strike mod produced the first Navy Seals mod for the original Quake.

    Navy Seals Covert Operations also works with Open Arena. Using Open Arena and the Navy Seals Covert Operations mod files, I have made a self contained application bundle using Automator that launches directly into the Navy Seals Covert Operations mod.

    The application bundle needs to be placed in the /Applications folder to function properly given the limitations of the shell script run via the Automator application bundle.

    To set custom screen resolution, launch the in game console using the ~ key. Then use the following commands:

    /r_customwidth XXXX
    /r_customheight XXXX
    /r_mode -1

    BTW, I don't continually host a game server so it is possible that you may have to start your own. This game doesn't supports bots and no servers seem to be online but it does make for some good LAN play if you have a group.

    Download link:


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