Need a 9" LCD screen (and more) for a very cool mod

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by The Nightflyer, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Mar 31, 2007

    I'm planning to put the guts of my old iBook G4 into my newly-retrobrighted (but otherwise empty) Mac SE case.

    Big plans - DVD drive at a widened front vent space, USB floppy drive under the DVD, USB, iPod Dock and VGA out port in the top behind the handle, trackpad in the top front (if I can pull it off), RCA and S-vid jacks at the printer/modem ports, iBook power supply in the SE's P/S cage, Battery still hooked up making it fully portable, and the Apple logo's the power button. USB/Firewire/Modem/Ethernet at the SE's rear expansion plate.

    Yeah, it's pretty cool. In plan, at least - we'll see.

    Here's the thing - well, a couple of things.

    First off, to make the battery-powered really-portable bit work, I need a 9" internal LCD screen, one that will be able to understand what the GPU tells it to do over the LVDS. Or at least, a converter circuit that will handle the translation. I could just hook it up via the VGA out plug, but I expect it'll need external power to run then, which kinda blows the plan.

    Second, I want this to look as authentic-1987 as possible: VW Bug on the outside, Batmobile on the inside. So I'd like to have at least some of the rear ports actually usable. The only ones I really want are the two ADB ports. I know Griffin iMate does a USB-ADB conversion, but just for one ADB plug. Is there an option that does two ADB plugs?

    Finally, I'm wondering about the SCSI & Floppy ports. Pretty much gonna be vacant for now, unless I stick a VGA port there instead of in the top - anyone got ideas? For that matter, is there something that can handle converting from the old-style external SCSI port to USB?

    The LCD and the USB-ADB are the main goals, but the other stuff would be cool too...


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