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    We are a New Apple Family:

    Dad iP4-Newest IOS, ipad2, Imac21", MBP

    Older Son-iP4S Newist IOS, iMac21

    Younger Son iP4 Previous IOS, and iMac21

    Dad iPhone used my apple ID for Purchases on App Store and My Apple ID to set up iCloud although I have not checdk off any of the boxes yet to use it.

    Older Son-Using my Apple ID to buy Apps and set up his iCloud under another Apple ID just for him. I was told this would keep his apps and contacts and songs off my phone. Is this correct? We have not check off any of the boxes on his iCloud either. But I did check contacts and it listed over 600 and he has 60 on his phone so we canceled? Once contaxct are uploaded to iCLoud if its wrong can you delete them?

    Younger son-Afraid to update IOS becasue he had like 70 APPS I dont want on my phone. SInce he is still on older IOS, the iCloub is not set up for him. He is however ising my APPLE ID to purchase Apps.

    I am confused how the iCloud, APPLE ID are related. I only want apps and music and contacts/calanders for the phone owner sent to the owners phone.
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    The apps will sit on your computer and when you sync, you can choose which apps (or music or videos) are transferred to whichever machine. Sharing Apple IDs creates some logistical problems (and contacts is one of those not so well defined areas) but apps etc. I wouldn't worry about. Just get newest son to upgrade iOS and set up his own Apple ID for iCloud. It doesn't mean what's on there already under a different Apple ID (Dad's) will be lost. It just means when you get App updates, you will need more than one password to update...

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