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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by drgrafix, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I'm doing some graphic design for someone who is going to have a live video feed being broadcast on his website. The person who is coding the actual site is extremely busy with a myriad of interactive issues and I offered to poke around and look for a video player that will work within the design format.

    We've got a video space dedicated of about 480 X 360 and it's flanked by black bars about 100 pixels wide on each side. We'd like to find a video player that is customizable in that we'd like it frameless (if possible) or skinable, and with only volume and mute controls since the viewers will not be able to pause or do anything you'd normally do with a looped video. And if possible... we'd like to employ a "HD" look, that is... close to 16:9 in aspect ratio.

    Anyone have some suggestions? TIA!
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    Download the Flash FlowPlayer here, I think this meets your criteria and then some.

    As per their web site:
    It comes with plugin support, stream support, fully customizable appearance and even an API if you need to get fancy. The free version has its logo branded in the player, otherwise no crippling of features.


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