Need a fix for Jittery video encoding Animation

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rotarypower101, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Hey, have a question about handbrake and a fix for encoding Family Guy DVDs.

    Almost every time the scene changes I get very noticeably Jittery video (seems to bounce up and down and look blurry) for a couple of frames, and I have not found information to try and remedy this specific problem.

    I am encoding Family Guy Season 1 under the current release version 0.9.4 using the Apple universal preset as well as trying to use the specific animation preset.

    I think I am reading that I should be using Detelecine, and am also trying to use the Animation Preset to resolve this issue.

    I have also read that “disabling” b-frames is a solution to the jitter, but am fairly sure that every test I have tried has b-frames = 0 (which I assume disabled = 0)

    I have not found a formal tutorial stating where this Animation preset line of code is to be placed (as it states its for CLI), but I am guessing it is usable in the “advanced” tab under the Current x264 Advanced option String, correct? Just place the “animation” string in the “Current x264 Advanced option String” box and this will be the “Animation” preset?

    Also wondering if there is any way to get rid of the segmented outlines on the figures in the scene as well when applicable.
    Has anyone come up against this issue and could offer a resolution?

    If these issues are not clear, where could I upload a high quality short clip of the video to show the symptom I am trying to resolve?

    Just for clarity these were all taken from the same exact encoded video just frames apart.

    Here is a bad outline of the figures in the scene[I thought this would only be a symptom if “deinterlacing”content]

    Here is a pic of the “blur” that I am having an issue with [Its very noticeable on the top of “Florence Henderson” head]

    And here is a screen capture of it running after the few seconds when these effect clear up until a new scene.

    Are these issues able to be cleaned up? Or am i going about the solution incorrectly?

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    There is probably little you can do if these clips have been telecined. Once something has been telecined with varying cadence then it's almost impossible to recover the original quality of the 24fps masters. What may be happening (if you are using the detelecine filter) is that whenever the cadence changes (which may happen at scene breaks) then the telecine removal will fail which may actually introduce interlacing artifacts where none should exist.

    If you are bothered by these random defects, then the best you might be able to do is to leave the show at 30fps and then enable Handbrake's Decomb filter. However, this will cause some jumpiness in the output (because it will still contain telecined frames) and will blur the image whenever the decomb filter deinterlaces the telecined fields.

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