need a guru to help get iphone to place calls

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    Jul 5, 2009
    ** Is there any other way to get this iphone to work with my sim card ??? :

    I am new to the iphone. Just got an old iphone 2g as a gift from a friend. I am already with AT&T. I have a 3G SIM card in my current phone. The iphone I am trying to use (2g) already has the new (3.0 I think) software installed on it and it is all wiped out. Like factory settings or whatever...

    So anyway, I put my SIM in and it wants Itunes. So I plug in Itunes and it wants me to register my iphone. I click continue, and it says if I proceed I am going to lose my 25% national account discount. I do not want to lose my discount, to be honest I just want to sort of try this thing out without telling AT&T. I already have a data plan so that should be no problem. Then if I like it I'm going to upgrade to a 3gs anyway.

    ** Is there any other way to get this iphone to work with my sim card ??? **

    PS I tried jailbreaking it and unlocking it. That allowed the iphone to turn on and run apps, and connect via wifi to internet, but still no phone service. (doesn't say "AT&T" at the top left like it should when your online for phone calls)

    Someone told me I can use someone elses SIM to activate the phone, then I should be able to put my SIM card in, and it will work. Is this true?
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    The reason you are going to lose the discount is because it is on an original iPhone. However, unlocking the phone should circumvent this. I would check out the hacks forums and make sure you did the unlock correctly.

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