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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by ActionableMango, Aug 12, 2016.

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    The one and only purpose for this will be to strap it to an elliptical and stream media while I work out. Basically, a Netflix tablet. So the requirements are:
    • Large (12" or so)
    • Plays Netflix/Hulu/etc over Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth for headphones
    The Amazon Fire media tablets are almost perfect. They stream, they are inexpensive (Fire 10" is $180 right now), and they are sold/supported by a reputable company. The only problem being they stop at 10" and I'd prefer something larger.

    Because of its limited use, it does not need a lot of memory, CPU power, GPU power, storage, battery life, etc., and so I don't want to pay for all that stuff. The problem I'm having is that 12" tablets all seem to be premium tablets, massively decked out with all kinds of features and top end hardware, and with a high price to match.

    So is anyone aware of a 12" cheap tablet that meets the requirements above? I'd really like something similar to a 12" version of the 10" Amazon Fire tablet... cheap, but does the job for streaming.
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    And almost $500.

    Don't think you're going to have a ton of luck finding a 12"+ tablet in the price range you were hoping for. There's a reason they're not that cheap---the display is generally the most expensive part of the unit and you're looking at a big display.

    Your best bet is probably a used Samsung Note Pro 12.2" or Tab Pro 12.2", though they still seem to be selling for about $275 on Swappa. You'll probably have a lot more luck if you could drop down to the 10" range, as you've seen with the Amazon Fire.
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    That looks awesome, I didn't know they made anything that big. Unfortunately it's pretty far outside my budget. I probably should have listed $250ish as one of the requirements.

    I'll look at swappa, thanks. That's a good idea. I don't know why I didn't think about older, used tablets. I don't need anything top-end for streaming, so older models are just fine even if they have slower hardware.

    As for 10", I don't think that will work. My head bobs around a lot and it's hard to see what's going on. I really think of 12" as the minimum. If anything, I'd prefer something even larger than that but 12" seems to be where "normal" tablets stop.


    I might in fact combine both of the above ideas. I see a Samsung View on Swappa for $330. That's outside what I wanted to pay, but I think the extra screen size will be worth it.


    Thanks for the out-of-box idea. I actually thought about doing something extremely similar... a small monitor (except with a Fire Stick or something so I wouldn't have to run a cord to a computer).

    But in the end, the extra box, extra cables, thicker nature, running AC power cord (or USB cord in your case), and having to use a remote instead of a touchscreen all seemed like too much hassle.

    A tablet is nice, thin, and self-contained--it will sit perfectly in the little magazine shelf on the Elliptical. No cables either, I just have to charge it a couple times a week.
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    Update: I looked at Samsung View reviews and found out there's this built-in hump/handle/stand on the back that's rather large. It's not even close to flat, so I don't think it will fit in the magazine stand on my elliptical. :(

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