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Discussion in 'iMac' started by macnerd77, Nov 7, 2014.

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    Hey guys i just got my Retina iMac and it is amazing. I am however tired of using the Magic mouse and trackpad. I am currently using a Das Mechanical Keyboard Model S and i would like a better mouse than the Magic mouse and trackpad. I mainly use the mac for editing documents browsing the web and editing photos in Photoshop. Sometimes i do a little video editing but not too often. What do you recommend?

    Das Keyboard Model S
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    A dictionary?
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    Now, that's not too nice.

    OP -- I can't help you; I kinda like my Magic Mouse. I did notice that many others have recommendations in the peripherals forum, so give that a go, and good luck.
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    I recommend that you try a different mouse. There's lots of choices.
    Look in any shop that sells computer accessories.
    I like some of the Logitech mice, for example. I have 5 different models, which I switch out occasionally.
    Microsoft has some good choices, too.
    Some like the various gaming mice, such as those by Steel Series, or Razer. You will need to check those for yourself. Some are high cost, others are just weird to me... :D
    Find one that feels right in your hand, and has the features that you like.
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    I am so not a fan of the spelling police!!!!! :D Noted and corrected.



    I didn't notice that there was a peripherals forum thanks for letting me know.

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