Need a New Router... but which one?


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Jul 24, 2002
The Great White North Eh
So my old dlink has started to drop connections randomly... I'm thinking it is time to upgrade and get a new router. I use wireless exclusively so naturally having 2 N draft macs I want to go to an N router. I do not stream video or music (might eventually who knows), I do move files wirelessly between my mbp and mac pro. I also have my iBook and a pc laptop connect via g spec to my current network.

I am leaning toward the Airport Extreme base station (referb unit save to some $$, just had another kid;)), but.... dlink's dir-825 doesn't look so bad and is the same price as the referb AEBS. Or I could go for a linksys wrt610, but I'm not sure of it based on the poor reviews and issues, but I do like its features...
What would you guys recommend?:confused:


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Oct 29, 2009
So you have a "g" router now?
How is the transfer speed?

I would recommend a Buffalo myself, mine has been in constant use for several years, and I have yet to ever touch it. totally plug in and forget. 4 wireless macs, and we get 25,000 down with our cable connection and its "g" speed.

Do you need any extra ethernet connections?

You could get away with an Airport Express...

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