Need a recommendation on a good, inexpensive scanner


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Jul 6, 2005
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After digging around Hewlett Packard's website and doing some Google-ing, I discovered that despite a big "Built for Mac OS X" logo on the side of the box, the ScanJet 2300c I bought less than two years ago isn't supported on the Mac. I'd been using it on a PC, but that PC is now gone (making some much-needed space). No drivers on the CD that came with it, either. :mad:

Now I'm looking for a sub-$100 scanner (online pricing, which should help get better quality for the money than going to my local Best Buy) for some light duty and editing in Photoshop Elements 3.0. For now, I'll limp along with Virtual PC's USB sharing, which did work last night, but I'd rather give some money to a company that has good Mac support and avoid HP altogether.

I've had great luck with my Lexmark printer, but they don't seem to make scanners from what I see on their website. :(


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Mar 4, 2005
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Applespider said:
I've got a Canon Lide 35. Cheap, USB powered, can scan vertically.

It doesn't have photo feeders etc but for a cheap basic scanner, it's great.

Canon provide software or you can use it with Image Capture etc
I have the same scanner...cracking bit of kit.

...Canon's software could do with updating though - looks antiquated