Need a total fresh start with iCloud photos

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    Hi my iCloud photos seems to be a total mess at the moment. I will try my best to explain the situation.

    My Mac has all the photos I want organised in albums etc, I would like this to be reflected on other devices.

    Visiting I have parts of some albums from my mac uploaded but not many albums are just missing all together.

    My iPhone I'm currently backing up photos to one drive.

    What I would like to happen.

    Scrap everything thats saved in iCloud currently and then back up everything from my mac to allow me to share it to my phone and iPad, hopefully next month to the new apple TV also.
    I would also like to back up my iPhone camera to iCloud but I do not wish it to send the photos to my mac or other devices as most of the photos are just rubbish.

    I have googled and looked at a few videos but I'm confused as to what settings i need and where. I tried to call apple support and got an Indian which isn't a bad thing but I myself have a very strong northern English accent and neither of us could understand each other.
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    Wow, you got a particular setup there. I'll if I can give a meaningful bump.

    First: disable OneDrive on the iPhone and then import any photos from there in the Mac. Once confirmed purge them and well maybe kill off the app; unless you want it.

    Next: confirm settings in Photos (Mac) and in iTunes to see if import photos is enabled or a bidirectional sync is set. If so I'd problem not these settings 1st then disable them. Pay close attention to see if pics on iPhone is reflecting no sync via iTunes. Again this last part is to check in iTunes.

    3rd: iPhone settings, Photos.
    ICloud Photo Library: ON.
    This will allow bidirectional sync of iPhone, Mac, and ATV. You stated you want this but you don't : iPhone no pics to Mac which is confusing because I don't think you can have both opposing settings. That is unless "Upload My Photo Stream" does what you don't wish. I recall this being off on my iPhone and the Mac didn't get new pics BUT iCloud did.

    Try this out see if this works.

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