Need Advice - 3rd Repair Still GPU problems!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by helios12, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Feb 23, 2008

    Before I get started and ask for advice, below are my MBP details:

    2.4Ghz, Nvidia 256MB 8600GT, 160GB HDD, 15"
    Purchased in the US at the end of January 08.
    Currently I am living in the UK (so all support issues have been made in the UK)

    A month into buying it, I had no thrid party (constantly running) apps, as I was switching from a windows pc, and so didn't know about any apps. Within the first month, when the laptop came out of sleep the screen would become extremly scrambled, forcing me to do a hard reboot. This would happen occasionally.

    I posted up on the Apple forums, and people were stating Leopard was simply a buggy OSX and stuff like that happens. I assumed that was that, and carried on my way, just saving files constantly, and doing reboots when the problem happened. I ocassionally used my external monitor (and when disconnecting from it, the same scrambled screen would occur)

    Then one day I lost a seriously important file, and I had enough! I went in for a repair (stating the scrambled pixelated screen and showed them pictures), and they replaced the following:

    Display Clamshell, matte
    -- Hardware Repair-level 2

    This took 7 days

    I thought it was all fine once I got it back, and then a few weeks in, the same problem! I continued to use it for a few more weeks before again I had enough.

    I went back, showed them some new pictures, and they replaced the following:

    Logic Board

    This took 10 days

    This came back to me 8 days ago. A few days after getting it back, I would occassionaly open up the documents button on the dock, and icons would have the pixelated image, but the laptop would still respond. Then this Thursday morning, i pull it out of sleep, and guess what? completely scrambled screen.

    I looked on the Apple website to see if they have appoinments - though they had none. But this was the last straw. I head down to my local Apple Store, and after explaining the issue, they take it in for a "quick drop" and say they'll call in 48 hours.

    I get a call this morning, and the guy says it is down to InsomniaX (a program that runs to stop my macbook pro from sleeping when the lid is shut.)
    He stated that it could be down to the fact that InsomniaX accesses Secure Virtual Memory. Now I know for a fact, in the time since i received the MBP back, maybe once I used InsomniaX and this was when I was moving from one room to another, and then I disabled it.

    He said he would format the drive and then run diagnostics on it, and if he found it was a hardware problem, it was down to InsomniaX and my warranty would be void, thus Apple would charge for any repairs made!

    I acted very calm on the phone as I wanted them to actually do the diagnostic test. But I am seriously angry, borderline considering legal action if they say I voided my applecare.

    Does anyone have any advice? Could Insomnia have caused this (even though I have only had the basically new unit back to me for a week, and it was happening before I had Insomnia on the MBP) My problems with this MBP have been endless, and I think they are just making excuses due to a faulty product.
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    May 21, 2008
    To be honest, Apple is trying to find a way to charge for the repairs. It really does seem to be a your components are overheating or due to the GPU to cause the pixelated screen. Just enforce the fact that it had issues when you received your laptop after the 2nd repair and that you have done your research and it is the fault of the GPU. A lot threads on this forum does say it is cause by the GPU. However, do a search and maybe you can come up with a better argument to dispute any charges. I hope that helps, and good luck.

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