Need advice about infographic.

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Davis Patch, Oct 30, 2015.

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    Oct 30, 2015
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    This is not what I would consider an infographic, as it simply presents the numbers and does not put them in context. Also, most of the information is presented through typography, so its not really using graphics to convey information. My advice would be to show comparison and context more strongly... the numbers are still abstract. Most of us cannot relate to 1 million dollars, much less 39 million. How can you give us a better sense of how much money this is? How can you make our experiences relate to these abstract numbers?
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    There are many typographical errors. "Jackpot" is misspelled at least once. Eliminate "60-some-odd-year-old" under "biggest slots jackpots". The age of the winners of the jackpots is, in my opinion, irrelevant if your graphic is actually just about the largest jackpots.
    Don't write out amounts with both the currency symbol and the word for the currency For example: "$39 million dollars"; either use "$39 million" or "39 million dollars" and be consistent throughout your design. Also be consistent about how you're notating the amounts. Examples: "$680.000", "$27,582,539". Standardize whether you're using commas or decimal points.
    Centering design elements is often not the best solution. Also, reconsider whether you need the floating gold coins. Do they really add to the clarity of the design? Your graphic has a lot of numbers in it already and consequently choosing 7-7-7 for the slot machine just adds to visual clutter. Pick a different symbol to use there.
    Finally, a quick search in Google tells me that lottery winner Maria Grasso was not a nurse. Be sure your statements are correct.

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