Need advice before returning 5 HDDs and OWC RAID setup which may not work

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rawdawg, Aug 5, 2010.

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    I asked a question yesterday and received great advice. It's not that I'm doubting what I was told but I have just spent the past week ordering and excitedly waiting for my new RAID setup. Sounds like it may have been a mistake. Before I send it ALL back and pay for all that shipping I want to get another opinion.

    Having never setup a RAID before, I bought my first one prebuilt from OWC, the Mercury Elite Al-Pro RAID 0 (2TB). Space was becoming an issue and backups a headache, I thought RAID 5 was the holy grail.

    Waiting months I finally pulled the trigger and bought the OWC Qx2 empty RAID 5 enclosure. I called them three times before buying and was reassured there wouldn't be problems. There was a deal on 2TB WD EARS drives so I bought 5 (one for a backup).

    Now I hear because of TLER these drives will fail in a RAID enclosure. OWC tech support seem oblivious to this issue or about any issue at all in this enclosure.

    Should I send it all back?
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    i dont think sending back the enclosure will do much good if you still want RAID.
    Stay away from the Green drives as far as using them in RAID is concerned (normal back up drives, theyre great).

    Id look into drives like these:

    they usually range in price from 109 to 129

    Id say just return the drives and see if you can get the same deal on the Hitachis instead. As Green drives are problematic with RAID set up.

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