Need advice: CPU whine (rev. C)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by leetleyang, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Jan 13, 2006

    I've noticed over the last two months that my MBA (2.13 GHz, SSD) seems to have developed the annoying "CPU whine" more commonly associated with the early MacBooks.

    Just to qualify, it originates from the left side of the keyboard, around the 'tab' key, not to be confused with the system fan, which is currently being controlled using smcFanControl. The noise persists regardless of power source - AC or battery - but disappears with QuietMBP set to 80 or 90. Unfortunately, this also has the side-effect of increasing system temperature by 7-8C. :(

    I can't say for sure if it was there when I bought it (June 2009) and then got worse over time, or whether it started following an OS update, but it is beginning to drive me nuts...

    I will have a bit of time soon and was hoping to get it looked at by an AASP. It's still under its 1-year warranty and I have extended AppleCare as well. Has anybody had any experience with this problem, or attempts to get it fixed? Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Yang :(

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